Premium lice comb 1ud

A new double-teeth system. Indicated for 100% effective removal of lice and nits. The use of the lice comb is essential to finish the biological cycle of lice and eradicate the infestation permanently. It is advisable to use the lice comb weekly as a preventive tool to detect the presence of nits and/or lice and avoid a massive infestation.


100% effective.


Presentation: 1ud

How to use: It is advisable to use the Nosaattack Premium lice comb with damp hair, either after washing or after the application of a lice treatment or the Nosaattack Quassia Vinegar detaching lotion. Separate hair into sections and comb from the roots to the tips. In order to disinfect the lice comb it can be boiled for 2 minutes. To complete the antiparasitic treatment the use of our Nosaatack products is recommended. And to prevent possible future infestations we recommend the use of our Nosaprotect line.

National code: 169153.8

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