5% Dimethicone head lice lotion. Peach scent. 100ml

Nosaattack 5% dimethicone head lice lotion, free of insecticides, suffocates and paralyzes lice and nits. Formulated with an exclusive combination of silicones and high density Dimethicone, it acts creating a film around head lice and nits that causes their death. Moreover, and thanks to its smoothing and lubricant properties, Dimethicone Nosaattack lotion facilitates the use of the lice comb and the proper dragging of lice and nits without pulling. It leaves hair moisturized and doesn’t irritate the scalp.The spray applicator allows a greater comfort and precision to take the most advantage of the product. Ideal for long and short hair.


It doesn’t irritate the scalp.
It makes combing easier without pulling.


Presentation: 100ml

How to use: Apply on dry hair from the roots of the scalp to the tips, gently massaging. Spread the product evenly throughout your hair. Leave it act for 1 minute and comb with Nosaattack lice comb from the roots to the tips. It is advisable to separate the hair into small sections and gently comb to ensure a perfect dragging. Insist behind the ears and nape. Keep the product for 15 minutes and remove washing off with cosmetic Nosaprotect shampoo or your regular shampoo. Rinse abundantly. If you notice live lice after one week, repeat the treatment.

National code: 190738.7

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