Nit detaching lotion. Watermelon scent. Melon scent. 150ml

Nossaattack Quassia vinegar lotion is indicated to help detach nits adhered to the hair and comb it without pulling. Its formula contains vinegar and dimethicone. The Quassia vinegar has been traditionally used to inhibit the formation of chitin avoiding nits to get stuck to the hair and favoring their dissolution and detachment. Dimethicone protects and provides smoothness to the hair leaving it more manageable and making combing with the lice comb easier. Nossattack Quassia Vinegar lotion is recommended after an infestation, if there are nits adhered to hair or if eggs are detected with combing with Nosaattack lice comb.


Without insecticides. Paraben-free.


Presentation: 150ml

How to use: Apply Nosaattack Quassia Vinegar lotion on dry hair for 7 days straight. First, vaporize the hair thoroughly and comb it to untangle. Then separate the hair into small sections, apply the product again on each section and comb with the Nosaattack lice comb from the roots to the tips. Finally, rinse out. The lotion can be left during the night or for some hours, if desired, before rinsing and combing. For best results the use of Nosaatack Premium double-teeth lice comb is recommended.

National code: 182214.7

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