Mosquito repellent Forte 50ml

Nosakit Sensitive mosquito repellent for human use, is an effective repellent to protect the whole family for up to 8 hours against common mosquitoes (Culex pipiens), up to 6 hours against tiger mosquitoes (A. albopictus) and up to 6 hours, against Anopheles Gambiae mosquitoes (yellow fever, dengue, chikuguña, Mayaro virus).


Formulated with IR3535 30%
Effective against common, tiger and Anopheles Gambiae mosquitoes. Suitable for the whole family.


Presentation: 50ml

How to use: Apply and spread evenly over the skin areas to be protected (5 sprays / limb). Do not spray directly on the face. Apply with hands avoiding contact with eyes and mouth. Wash your hands properly after each application. Once the time of protection has expired, wash the area where the product has been applied. Do not apply on children’s hands. Frequent and repeated application is not necessary. Do not use in children under 3 years old. In case of use in children under 3 years old, consult your pediatrician. Use with caution in children under 6 years old. In the case of children, apply only once a day. Follow the instructions contained in the label. However, in areas of high risk of transmission of diseases by mosquitoes and where extreme conditions make it advisable, follow the preventive measures provided by health authorities.

National code: 179311.9

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