Blue mosquito repellent bracelets 2uds

The best option to be protected from mosquitoes when you are outdoors (sport, camping, fishing, etc.). Contains Geraniol, suitable for the whole family from 3 years on. Can be placed around the wrist or the ankle and adjusted in size. Each bracelet is effective up to 180 hours. While is not being used, keep it in the hermetic container to avoid unnecessary consumption.


Effective up to 180 hours


Presentation: 2uds

How to use: Loop only one bracelet around the wrist or ankle. Adjust it to your size so that the air circulates through the bracelet and the skin. Wash your hands properly after placing the bracelet. Wash the body area where the bracelet has been placed once the protection time is finished. Use it only as a repellent so that once its purpose has ended, discard it properly.

National code: 167495.1

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