Pediatric hydroalcoholic sanitizing spray 250ml

Skin Protect formula with 70% denatured Alcohol with Bitrex, special ingredient for child protection, Aloe Vera, Calendula and Panthenol. This combination of active ingredients ensures a complete hygiene without the need for rinsing and at the same time, takes care, protects and repairs the most sensitive skin of babies and children. Maximum security due to its immediate drying. Leaves no residue.


With Aloe Vera.
For the whole family.

Ethanol concentration 70% p / p, 88.6% v / v

Cosmetic formula recommended by the WHO whose microbicidal effectiveness has been tested in its reference laboratories, complying with the EN 1500 standard.


Presentation: 250ml

How to use: Apply directly on the skin as often as necessary. No rinsing required. Do not apply on injuries or mucous membranes.

National code: 201011.6

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