Rosehip Pure Oil 30ml

Rosehip is bush that grows in the Andean side of the Southern Chile. The seeds produce an oil with a high percentage of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids that contain high concentrations of Vitamin C with notable effects on tissues regeneration.

Soivre Bio Rosehip oil, 100% pure, is enriched with Vitamin E to avoid degradation and the loss of Its properties. Thanks to its natural ingredients, moisturizes and regenerates the tissues of the skin.
Attenuates scars, wrinkles, stains and stretch marks. It also prevents the first signs of skin aging returning its flexibility and natural elasticity.


0% parabens, colorants or irritating substances.


Certificado Organic Cosmetics


Presentation: 30ml

How to use: Apply on clean skin, massaging softly until fully absorbed.
Depending on the condition of the skin or the scars, 1 to 3 daily applications are recommended.

National code: 150716.7

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