Hydroalcoholic sanitizing mini spray 100ml

Hydroalcoholic spray for washing hands and surfaces without the need for water. Removes dirt completely. Ideal for deep cleaning frequently used surfaces and utensils: mobiles, glasses, desk tables, screens, keyboards, knobs, shoes, keys, etc. Formulated with 70% Alcohol and Aloe Vera to keep the skin hydrated and soft.
The spray applicator allows greater comfort and precision, making the most of the product. Dries in a few seconds.
Take away format.

Suitable for the whole family.


With Aloe Vera.
For the whole family.

Ethanol concentration 70% p / p, 88.6% v / v

Cosmetic formula recommended by the WHO whose microbicidal effectiveness has been tested in its reference laboratories, complying with the EN 1500 standard.


Presentation: 100ml

How to use: Apply directly on the skin as often as necessary. No rinsing required. Do not apply on injuries or mucous membranes.

National code: 199564.3

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