Neoprene ankle brace 1ud

Maximum protection of ankle injuries. Treatment of ankle injuries. Perfect support that minimizes the risk of sprains and therefore, the possibility of ligament injuries. Velcro fastener and fitting. Black color. Unisex.


Thermocompression. Adjustable tension. Stability and comfort. Velcro fastener. One-size-fits-all.


Presentation: 1ud

How to use: 1. Place the ankle on to the brace so that the heel fits the opening. Extend the strap through the upper side of the foot . 2. Holding the ankle brace wrap the foot from down to top with the strap. 3. Once the ankle is correctly positioned, take the self-adhesive strap and wrap it around the ankle to fix it in order to achieve a personalized tension and compression. Readjust, if necessary, until you feel comfortable and obtain the appropriate support.

National code: 167697.9

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