Argan BIO Body cream 250ml

Intensive nourishing. Revitalizes and reaffirms.
Body cream with a high percentage of 100% natural Argan BIO oil.
Soivre Argan body cream is a natural product. The Argan oil is obtained from the pressure of the almonds extracted from the Argan nuts, available only within the territory of southern Morocco.
It contains a high amount of Vitamin E and 80% of essential fatty acids.
These ingredients are very precious for their moisturizing and regenerative properties.
Soivre Argan body cream, with a high percentage of 100% natural Argan BIO oil, is specially formulated to hydrate, revitalize and bring back elasticity to the skin. It also attenuates and prevents stretch marks.


Indicated for all types of skin.
Perfumes without allergens.
0% parabens, colorants or ingredients of animal origin.



Presentation: 250ml

How to use: Apply on clean skin massaging softly until fully absorbed. It is advisable to use it after shower or bath.

National code: 178729.3

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